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Monster Hunter Movie shows a bunch of new scenes. With the arrival of the Palico cat!

Sony Picture China has released a new trailer for Monster Hunter Movie, the movie based on Capcom's famous dragon slaughter game that fans around the world are looking forward to. In this example we will see a new battle scene. And also to see the dragon that will appear in the movie. Including the arrival of the Palico cat that many people love!

The story in the Monster Hunter films involves Artemis, the leader of the elite military team of the United Nations. Those sent by the teleport to a new world full of giant beasts. And in order to สมัครสมาชิก slotxo  find your way home, Artemis and her elite squad of soldiers must confront and work with a resident of The Hunter, a mysterious warrior with special skills to survive in this world. The film was directed by Resident Evil Movie director Paul WS Anderson and starring Milla Jovovich as Military Chief Artemis, alongside famous Thai actor Japun or Tony Jaa as The Hunter. Brave Dragon

Paul W.S. Anderson, Film Director Interviewed that the Monster Hunter movie will appear about 5-6 monsters from the game, which were selected based on the number of monsters present in the game. But with just this number of monsters, it was able to show a much more enjoyable world as he wanted. In the trailer, we will see Diablos, Nerscylla, Apceros, Gore Magala, and Rathalos' s devoted fire dragons, referred to in the movie as "Greater Rathalos".

And something that Monster Hunter fans would like to see because it is part of a game that is absolutely indispensable: the Palico cat, an allied creature in the game. To help fight or help cook food to power the hunters, Anderson didn't fail to include the Palico cat in the movie, jokingly saying that it was impossible for him to make a Monster Hunter movie without There is no Palico cat, it plays a role as Meowscular Chef and has a unique compelling relationship with Artemis played by Milla Jovovich.